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University's Mission

Mission of the University

Founded in 1887 as a school for the education of American Indians, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke now serves a distinctly diverse student body and encourages inclusion and appreciation for the values of all people. UNC Pembroke exists to promote excellence in teaching and learning, at the master’s and undergraduate levels, in an environment of free inquiry, interdisciplinary collaboration, and rigorous intellectual standards.

Our diversity and our commitment to personalized teaching uniquely prepare our students for rewarding careers, postgraduate education, leadership roles, and fulfilling lives. We cultivate an international perspective, rooted in our service to and appreciation of our multi-ethnic regional society, which prepares citizens for engagement in global society. Students are encouraged to participate in activities that develop their intellectual curiosity and mold them into responsible stewards of the world.

UNCP faculty and staff are dedicated to active student learning, engaged scholarship, high academic standards, creative activity, and public service. We celebrate our heritage as we enhance the intellectual, cultural, economic, and social life of the region.

Vision Statement

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke will challenge students to embrace difference and adapt to change, think critically, communicate effectively, and become responsible citizens. Working from a strong foundation in the liberal arts, we will increase opportunities to infuse our curriculum with interdisciplinary innovation while promoting undergraduate and graduate research as well as international opportunities.

Core Values Statement

The faculty and staff of UNC Pembroke are guided by the following set of core values:

  1. The commitment to serving the local region
  2. The creation, exploration, evaluation, and articulation of ideas
  3. The value of a liberal arts foundation as the basis of self-realization and lifelong learning
  4. The importance of honor and integrity to learning and leadership as we educate students to be stewards of the world
  5. The appreciation of the American Indian history of the university and local community
  6. The appreciation of diversity and respect for the dignity and worth of every individual
  7. The commitment to prepare graduate and undergraduate students to succeed in an ever-changing and increasingly technological global environment
  8. The accessibility of education which leads to the enhancement of the economy and culture in the region
  9. The maintenance of a sustainable, safe, healthful, attractive, and accessible campus

Institutional Distinctiveness Statement

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke distinguishes itself from peer institutions by offering an affordable, highly personalized, student-centered education to diverse students.  Founded in 1887 as an American Indian institution to serve the Lumbee people, UNCP is now also comprised of students, faculty, and staff who possess differing attributes based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, national origin, age, political affiliation, religion, and other characteristics.  Diversity grounds intellectual pursuits and provides us with opportunities for discovery and ways to integrate all individuals and groups into the larger community, respecting and valuing their uniqueness while simultaneously advancing the University’s historical tradition.  UNC Pembroke thus prepares its students for life and leadership within a diverse society.

More than a century ago, seven visionary men looked to the future and founded the Croatan Normal School to spread the ‘gospel of education.’ Today, we honor this distinct history by living out their historic mission of access and affordability to higher education.


UNCP believes that we exist to change the lives of our students, faculty/staff and the communities we serve.

Messaging throughout our campus encourages:    

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Service

UNC Pembroke is focused on and committed to CHANGING LIVES THROUGH EDUCATION. To ensure we successfully execute our mission, the Chancellor and Cabinet have developed our BRAVEBook to guide faculty and staff in the implementation of our mission and vision.

BraveBook Front

BraveBook Back

BraveNation is centered on the success of our students—they are the reason we are here.